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About talk and such

Mind-set: cause. World: effect.
Welcome; there is a reason you arrived here; you want your future to be bright THEREFORE you make your future bright. Let’s move forward!
Why ‘talk’? Talking is inevitable. Why ‘such’ (i.e. ‘and more’)? Because I have more to offer than just a good talk. Why an English name? My company operates on an international basis.
Our mind-set affects the world around us and so we are able to change the world by changing our mind-set.
The ‘ego’ thoughts often lead us in the direction of fear, self-hate, holding on to a sometimes rough past, accusations, attacks or defences and feeling guilty towards ourselves or feeling guilty towards others.
The ‘soul’ or the non-physical and part of us can lead us in the direction of love and enjoying life; this is our spiritual purpose in life.
We can train our muscles to become strong, but did you know we can also train our mind-set? In such a way we can get rid of negative thoughts? This will change everything around you.
That is why talk and such organises bootcamps for the soul. Just because it works!

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When you train your muscular strength you like to get an instruction. It’s the same thing when you train your mind-set. So I will be your spiritual guide throughout the boot camp!

Within one month you will feel the difference, I guarantee it.


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Affirmation cards

Affirmations are a way to affect your mind-set, self-image and confidence. Usually these are short sentences you repeat to yourself and keep repeating to yourself until your mind-set becomes positive again.
This is a way to ‘reprogram’ yourself on a spiritual level. (This easy? Yes, this easy!)
You yourself are able to heal your body from stress and fear. These are causes for your health to decrease (which means disease).
I learned this from my own experience. You want to feel different, right? (Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.) So act differently and try using the cards. Moving forward, right?

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